Yoga for highly sensitive people

One in five people are born with the trait of high sensitivity. This innate temperament trait is also known as sensory processing sensitivity, because of the depth of sensory, environmental and information processing that happens within the biological nervous systems and brains of highly sensitive persons. What is an HSP? An HSP is a personContinue reading “Yoga for highly sensitive people”

How does meditation affect our brain as we age?

It is known that many areas of our brain tend to shrink with age, but Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Lazar and her team have shown via MRI brain scans that 50-year-old meditators have key brain structures similar to that of 25-year-old non-meditators. This suggests that meditation may slow or even prevent some of the natural degradationContinue reading “How does meditation affect our brain as we age?”

Tea and Sophrology – part 2!

Sophrology aims to bring harmony and balance to our lives by reinforcing connections between our mind and body. A refreshing cuppa joins the ranks of activities to help us achieve inner calm . The Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) has produced a report which examine the impact of different types of tea (black, green, herbal) onContinue reading “Tea and Sophrology – part 2!”

Tea and Sophrology!

The gentle discipline of Sophrology was developed 60 years ago by Columbian psychatrist and neurologist, Professor Alfonso Caycedo who combined yoga, meditation, zen and classical relaxation to enable us to achieve optimal balance and harmony. Daily practice is achieved through a unique combination of relaxation, breathing, gentle movement and visualisation. This practice is easy toContinue reading “Tea and Sophrology!”