Beating brain fog

Vitality is the starting point for an active lifestyle. and has a lot to do with our lifestyle choices and particularly our diet. Brain fog can be a sign that something is out of balance and needs to be corrected. Fortunately, the most common causes of brain fog can be dealt with quite easily. YouContinue reading “Beating brain fog”

A habit of positive thinking

Whenever possible, thinking joyous, happy and harmonious thoughts support our well-being. Practising meditation is a good way to guide our mind towards the positive. If you practise in the morning, the effects should remain with you all day. You can also repeat a positive affirmation throughout the day. Alan McMahon, fairly new to Yoga andContinue reading “A habit of positive thinking”

Best food for anti-ageing

What we eat can have a direct affect on how we look. For our skin to look fresh and young, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet for your skin. Here are some tips: Protein is essential for the body. It helps to heal and repair, and give us stamina and energy.Continue reading “Best food for anti-ageing”

Desk Yoga – Neck exercises

As we strain to read our computer and phone screens, we move our chin forward, which causes the cervical or deep neck flexors to strain and become tight. These muscles are key to our breathing capacity and the goal is therefore to stretch them in all planes of motion to relieve strain and improve ourContinue reading “Desk Yoga – Neck exercises”

Recipe – Walnut body scrub

This walnut body scrub is designed to increase blood circulation, remove dead skin cells, smooth and brighten your complexion. INGREDIENTS 12 walnuts 30g refined shea butter 30g almond oil 5g of Vitamin E 5 drops of Rosehip oil INSTRUCTIONS Firstly – take the shells off of the walnuts Next, ground the walnuts into tiny particles.Continue reading “Recipe – Walnut body scrub”

Sustainable self-healing

Whether you are already a regular Yogi or not, the worldwide Yogapedia offers you a multitude of accessible practices and methodologies with different therapeutic focus: soothing your aching back, relieving arthritis, manage stress and anxiety, etc…. Your self-practice needs to inspire you on a daily basis and to create momentum for the benefits to beContinue reading “Sustainable self-healing”

Recipe – Dandelion face serum

This dandelion face serum is specially created for all skin types to brighten your complexion. tighten and firm skin. This magical flower has properties known for reducing age spots and scars, so perfect to be used as serum before you wear your daily or nightly moisturiser. INGREDIENTS 6 fresh dandelion flowers and leaves Aloe veraContinue reading “Recipe – Dandelion face serum”

Anti-Stress tools

As soon as you notice the early signs of stress, use some simple strategies to feel calm and relaxed: Take a few abdominals breaths. Use your diaphragm fully and make the exhalations long Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight, your feet on the floor, palms on your thighs, and your eyes closed.Continue reading “Anti-Stress tools”